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Questions about attribution? We’ve got you covered.

Data-Driven Optimization: A Guide to Attribution and Media Strategy offers comprehensive insight on all things attribution and how to drive advertising effectiveness.

Although 2016 was deemed the “year of attribution,” many marketers (and their C-suites) need more visibility into attribution and how it drives marketing effectiveness. Conceptually, it is simple: attribute credit to media when it is due. In today’s analytics-driven, multi-channel world, however, this can be very complex: marketers want to know if what they’re doing is working, as well as where, when, with whom, and how well. Drill down and many marketers have trouble measuring marketing effectiveness and identifying which measurement approaches are right for their business. Do I need high-level insights around budget planning, or tactical insights to optimize a channel? What can I get out of my existing tools, like site-side analytics? What’s the difference between all the solutions that claim to offer attribution, and which make sense for me? Answering these questions starts with an understanding of marketing attribution. In a nutshell, attribution reveals the complexities of your customer journey and helps you optimize those insights to drive profitability.

There are three key components to getting value out of attribution: efficiency, scale, and testing. Increasing overall advertising effectiveness by identifying and eliminating spend on underperforming assets improves ROI. Advanced modeling can even use predictive and observation algorithms to measure the propensity to convert so that marketers have a data-led forecast for future budget allocation. This can help you scale your investments and inform how you grow your budget, team, and scope of work. Lastly, when you innovate and experiment, you will have insight into incremental value and new areas of opportunity.

Covering both technology and agency-side implementation, this ebook includes:

  • 3 steps to attribution readiness
  • How to successfully kick off and run an attribution program
  • The difference between MMM and attribution, and which one is right for your business
  • The role of attribution in media strategy and optimization
  • How to realize 30-50% gains and see ROI in the first 90 days of your attribution initiative

Download the ebook to learn more about how attribution can help increase your marketing effectiveness.