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Conversion Logic’s TV ad measurement solution solves for many of the historic challenges marketers have faced around measuring the effectiveness of advertising on TV, including bridging the gap between offline and online conversions, and identifying users across multiple channels and devices.

Each channel is accountable to driving business outcomes – Digital channels leave a footprint at the user level that maps to online and offline conversions. TV can also be included at the household-level with ACR data (Automatic Content Recognition) for the United States. Conversion Logic’s TV attribution solution empowers marketers to measure the impact of each channel with a Unified view.

Conversion Logic’s TV attribution helps answer questions like:

  • What is the true incremental impact of TV?
  • How does TV influence other channels in my media mix?
  • How effective is TV at driving business impact?
  • What networks, programs, dayparts or creative are most effective?
  • What is the impact of TV buying tactics like ‘time of day’ or ‘day of week’?

Conversion Logic’s TV attribution model accounts for both the short and long term impact of TV. Several key metadata attributes are modeled for the most detailed, tactical and accurate analysis.

Learn more about our methodology and how we determine the impact of each TV spot.