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The results are in: IDG survey reveals how today’s marketers measure their most critical KPIs

By May 17, 2016 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

We all know that measuring marketing and advertising efforts isn’t easy. It never has been – insert overused John Wanamaker quote here. But the recent proliferation of channels and devices has made marketing measurement exponentially more complex than ever before. Technology helps, and has tried to keep up, but having so many ways to measure so many components can also feel daunting at best, downright overwhelming at worst.

Given this environment, we wondered how marketers are honestly solving these challenges. What channels are they using? How are they measuring them? What do executives want to know, and which metrics and tools deliver those answers? What’s getting in the way of unified marketing analytics, and what are marketers doing to overcome those roadblocks?

Closest to our hearts, how are marketers using attribution? If they’re not, why not? What does the ideal attribution solution look like, and how can marketers achieve it?

We asked these questions and more in a survey conducted last spring with IDG Connect. Over 250 marketers responded with a candid look into their measurement worlds. From there, we extracted a compelling look into the current state of marketing analytics and attribution.

Top findings included:

    • • Most marketers plan to use

six or more

    channels to measure marketing performance. Six or more! No wonder a holistic view is so tough.
    • • 96% use three or more tools. Even with multiple tools, half of our respondents worry about accuracy – in short, they

don’t trust the results

    • • A majority of marketers –

78% – plan to use or adopt an attribution solution in the next two years

    . Definitions of attribution differ, however: only 26% plan to use a tool based on statistical modeling and algorithms, while 23% will still use outdated last-click methods.

Join Bob Johnson, VP and Principal Analyst, IDG Connect and Alison Lohse, COO, Co-Founder, Conversion Logic to understand benefits from attribution and assess readiness to move forward “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Unified Analytics for Modern Marketing,”.

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