Conversion Logic Solutions

Cross-channel measurement, attribution, and incrementality for better marketing decisions.

Unified Marketing Measurement


Accurate, actionable insights at any level of granularity.
  • Leverages the latest in sophisticated machine learning to provide continuous data-driven alignment between MMM and MTA
  • Seamlessly combines insights from marketing mix models (MMM) and multi-touch attribution (MTA) in a single platform
  • Accounts for addressable media (linked to a particular individual) and non-addressable media (not linked to a particular individual) to provide user, household, and market-level insights

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)


Accurate forecasting and planning with strategic insights on market-level drivers of demand.
  • Identifies causal relationships between business outcomes (e.g., brand metrics, new customers, transactions), marketing, and other demand drivers
  • Powered by advanced time-series cross-section (TSCS) regression models that quantify marketing’s impact and other drivers on key business outcomes
  • Enables channel impact measurement for TV, print, radio, out-of-home, sponsorships, digital, social and other channels

Digital Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)


Precise, actionable insights at the speed and granularity of digital.
  • Connects all addressable media and consumer actions for customer journeys driving online and offline conversions
  • Using the advanced machine learning algorithms to build the most accurate models
  • Quantifies the incrementality of every touch point at the most detailed levels available
  • Measures media performance for expert-level budget allocation optimizations

TV Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)


TV media performance insights, leveraging household-level datasets for ongoing planning and optimization.
  • Uses data from over 11 million opted-in smart TVs detailing commercials viewed and user content consumption
  • Assembles converting and non-converting paths at the household level to measure the true impact of TV advertising on conversions and does not rely on time-based correlation analysis alone, but actual observed consumer behaviors
  • Provides detailed insights on television effectiveness for better media planning and optimization
  • Offers ability to optimize television for offline conversions, online conversions or both

Tech-Enabled Services

Our experienced team supports each customer from deployment to delivery. A combination of practical experience and technical acumen means that every customer receives the right support, at the right time, every time.

Solutions Architecture + Integrations – We help you align your business measurement needs and the data required to support them. By architecting data integrations, setting up APIs, and more, our experts make sure that your data flows flawlessly so that your attribution efforts do too.

Strategic Support – Experienced attribution experts guide each customer from day one. From defining your business requirements, to configuring the system, sharing best practices to training your team, we ensure that each customer is fully prepared for success.

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