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Conversion Logic Releases Attribution Platform Update with Comprehensive Cross-Channel Analytics in One Interface

By February 11, 2016 November 12th, 2019 No Comments

New Release Ignites the XC Logic™ Platform, Leading Unified Insights into Offline and Digital Media Optimization

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Conversion Logic, the media industry’s most accurate cross-channel attribution provider, announced today a significant update to the XC Logic™ Platform, designed to provide actionable insights for precise, real-time media optimization across channels. Enhancements include a new portfolio dashboard combining TV, digital and baseline metrics into one interface, an updated performance reporting toolset for analyzing data across a marketing organization, and a new ‘channel synergy’ report surfacing interaction effects across and between channels.

The channel synergy report answers commonly asked, yet difficult to answer questions about incrementality, like “what is the effect of TV on search?” and “how much impact does email have on display and affiliate channels?” While other attribution vendors typically provide a hard-to-interpret view of the data, XC Logic’s clean, simplified presentation provides deep insight into channel lift. Conversion Logic also added new ways to slice and dice channel data and compare performance, with significant enhancements to its core performance measurement toolset, such as:

  • Time series and summary modes – Easily switch between viewing data in summary or at hour, week, month, or quarterly time periods with just the click of a button.
  • Metric selection – Easily switch between metrics, such as conversions, orders, revenue, leads or visits, from any page in the app.
  • Channel toggle – Discover and surface insights normally hidden in the details with selective show/hide and sorting filters designed to give full control over custom comparisons over time.
  • Unified cross-channel baseline – Offline and digital channels can now be viewed with a shared baseline, delivering precise, universal representation of non-media performance.

“In the complex world of cross-channel marketing, there is immense value in understanding the impact of every channel, across every device, at any point in time and in combination with all other touchpoints,” said Trevor Testwuide, CEO of Conversion Logic. “By allowing both offline and digital channels to share the same baseline and analytics throughout the UI, XC Logic™ provides media practitioners with the most accurate, comprehensive and easily interpreted true media performance.”

Built with the media practitioner in mind, Conversion Logic is the only attribution provider that utilizes the Ensemble Method of data analysis for cross-channel attribution. Rather than the common method of committing to a single algorithmic model, the Ensemble Method provides superior predictive accuracy by combining the traits of multiple established algorithms, always resulting in higher accuracy than any one algorithm.

Since launch, Conversion Logic has worked with more than a dozen clients including both brands and media agencies. The company’s media-agnostic platform allows advertisers to analyze all their channels, including display, search, social, mobile, online video, radio and TV to quickly identify where results are coming from.


About Conversion Logic

Conversion Logic is the media industry’s most intuitive cross-channel attribution platform. Built from the ground up by a team of attribution veterans, Conversion Logic’s SaaS platform is designed for CMOs, brand leads and media practitioners who need to make fast and accurate decisions in managing their multi-channel media campaigns around the world. Conversion Logic’s media agnostic technology provides actionable insights in real-time, enabling clients to rapidly adapt to changing environments. As an independent company, Conversion Logic is untethered from any media entity influence. Conversion Logic investors include Rincon Venture Partners, Crosscut Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, TenOneTen, Founder Collective and Raptor Ventures. Conversion Logic is online at: conversionlogic.com