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Netmarble measures TV attribution more accurately with Conversion Logic

By June 29, 2016 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

TV ad measurement remains notoriously hard for advertisers to accurately attribute value to online conversions, mobile downloads and other digital actions. It has been predominantly considered an upper funnel or brand awareness channel. Unlike digital channels, often there is no traceable journey to conversion. That means that one of the most expensive channels is also the toughest to measure and quantify ROI.

Netmarble, one of the world’s top mobile game developers and publishers, wanted a better way to measure its campaign around the game Marvel Future Fight, launched in conjunction with the movie Captain America: Civil War in May 2016. For the company’s first foray into U.S. TV advertising, they chose Conversion Logic’s XC LogicTM attribution platform to do exactly that. Conversion Logic provided a detailed analysis of how Netmarble’s TV investment performed across channels, shows and timeframes in relation to game installs and the efficiency of campaign execution.

Some of the specific insights that Netmarble gained through Conversion Logic included:
Analysis of app installs based on brand awareness vs. TV exposure. Netmarble learned that strong brand awareness for Marvel and the coinciding movie release resulted in a baseline (consisting of brand equity and digital channels’ contribution) of 60% of their total app installs, while TV delivered 40% of app installs.
Precise cost per install. For this campaign, Netmarble was able to calculate an average aCPI (attributed cost per install) which was about 27% lower than anticipated CPI. They could also break down aCPI for different channels, with an aCPI for cable 18% lower than anticipated CPI, and for syndication 2% above anticipated CPI.
Channel evaluation. The team learned that cable outperformed syndication, although syndication results improved week-over-week throughout the course of the campaign.
Programming evaluation. Conversion Logic helped Netmarble understand that stations and programming focused on movies and sports performed best. The top performing show was King of the Hill, with an aCPI about 38% lower than anticipated CPI.
Timing evaluation. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the top performing days of the week for Netmarble’s campaign, while weekend daytime and “early fringe” outperformed all other dayparts.

As a result of these types of insights, Netmarble can expand its campaigns with confidence as it grows its mobile gaming business and enters new geographies. They can target ads more effectively, allocate media based on real-time information, and adjust spend accordingly. Each of these optimization techniques will ultimately make future campaigns more efficient and increase overall advertising effectiveness.

For more details, read the press release.

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