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The ultimate goal for any D2C marketer is to improve media performance while cutting waste and driving more revenue. In order to be successful, advertisers need visibility into the marketing channels and messages that have the greatest impact on conversions, and have the ability to plan, simulate, and optimize budget in real-time. Among these challenges comes measuring the impact of offline and online ads, integrating individual consumer profiles into a single household profile, the inability to measure walled garden data, and integrating disparate data sources into a unified view of the customer.
Request access to view this webinar to see a live demo from Conversion Logic’s Head of Product, Dan Cox, as he shows how marketers can leverage a simulation tool to help forecast more efficiently by building an optimized media plan and creating comparative investment scenarios; and hear from Chief Client Officer, JP Pereira, as he discusses how an advanced marketing measurement and optimization solution can help solve many of the measurement challenges D2C brands face today.
What we will cover:
  1. Top challenges D2C marketers are facing in their measurement strategy and steps to overcome them
  2. How Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) solutions for Digital and Televisions ads are used to measure the impact of media on online and offline conversions
  3. Why incrementality is critical in MTA models
  4. How a simulation tool within a measurement platform can help with budget allocation and optimal media mix – creating actionability of the attribution insights