Cross-Channel Marketing Attribution Platform

The Conversion Logic marketing attribution platform, XC Logic® delivers actionable insights in right time. The platform uses a proprietary Ensemble Method to deliver accurate, predictive results through a sophisticated yet simple to use UI built to empower and inform the marketing practitioner.

Marketing Intelligence Platform Overview

Actionable insights across all marketing channels delivered through the proprietary, cloud-based XC Logic® platform.


Multiple advanced machine learning models out of sample data for testing and validation

Best accuracy without overfitting


Machine learning models configured per customer and conversion type allow for greater accuracy and speed to insights

Advanced methodology for determining User Propensity and true Incrementality of media


Proprietary architecture to ingest, transform, and process data from multiple sources


Highly automated and scalable ETL for unified data and insights with 250+ integrations for
AdTech and MarTech


Identity powered by LiveRamp, the largest people-based identity graph

Matches PII data with anonymous identifiers such as cookies and devices IDs


Deterministic matching

Reaches over 200 million+ active US consumers

LiveRamp’s identity platform covers 95% of adults

95+% accurate when match is achieved


Customizable dashboards designed for the marketing practitioner

Advanced reporting tools for granular data analysis and portability

3rd party BI integrations


Unified analytics at the person or household level that can be used on their own or integrated into existing platforms and processes

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