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Conversion Logic’s Chief Data Scientist Jeong-Yoon Lee Snags Top Spot at Prestigious KDD Cup Data Mining Competition

By August 19, 2015 November 12th, 2019 No Comments

Conversion Logic’s Chief Data Scientist Jeong-Yoon Lee Snags Top Spot at Prestigious KDD Cup Data Mining Competition

Lee’s Team “Intercontinental Ensemble” Finishes First Out of 821 Entrants to Claim $20,000 Prize

LOS ANGELES (August 19, 2015) – Conversion Logic, the media industry’s most intuitive cross-channel attribution platform, announced today that a team led by the company’s chief data scientist Jeong-Yoon Lee has captured the top spot at the prestigious KDD Cup data mining competition.  Conversion Logic principal scientist Mert Bay was another member of Lee’s winning “Intercontinental Ensemble” team which also included Andreas Toescher Michael Jahrer, Kohei Ozaki, Peng Yan, Song Chen, Tam T. Nguyen and Xiaocong Zhou.

Hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD), the KDD Cup is an annual competition where hundreds of teams compete to develop solutions for a challenging and real-world data science problem.  This year’s challenge hosted by China’s Tsinghua University asked participating teams to predict the probability that a student enrolled in its XuetangX massive open online course (MOOC) would drop out of a class within 10 days.

Conversion Logic scientists Lee and Bay were able to predict dropouts with more than 90 percent predictive accuracy by utilizing the Ensemble Method of data analysis, which combines traits of established algorithms to provide superior accuracy. Conversion Logic applies a similar state-of-the-art approach to its cross channel attribution products, delivering higher quality results than single-algorithmic methods and providing unparalleled agility to adapt to the uniqueness of each client’s data.  Modeling the higher order interactions into an Ensemble Method provides better insight into how media touchpoints work together to effectively drive consumer behavior.

“Jeong and Mert are both world class data scientists and we are excited to congratulate them on their first place win in this year’s KDD Cup,” said Trevor Testwuide, CEO and co-founder of Conversion Logic.  “Their expertise in the data science competition space has been an added advantage in the development of Conversion Logic’s multi-algorithmic approach to media attribution, which provides accurate results more quickly than any other available solution.”

“Each year the KDD Cup recognizes the best talent in data science to accurately solve real world problems. With hundreds of teams participating, we are pleased to announce ‘Intercontinental Ensemble’ as the winner of this year’s challenge,” said Jie Tang, Professor at Tsinghua University and KDDCUP 2015 Co-Chair.

“By successfully fostering innovation and discovery in data science, the competition has attracted broad support from both industry and academia which rely on predictive analytics for a wide range of critical applications,” stated Ron Bekkerman the other KDD Cup 2015 Co-Chair, who selected the MOOC dropout challenge from the contest problem sets early in the year.

The Conversion Logic Attribution Platform brings a new approach to solving the complexities of cross channel attribution, providing actionable intelligence in real-time rather than days or weeks.  Advertisers can analyze their entire media mix including display, search, social, mobile, online video, radio and TV within the company’s media agnostic platform to quickly identify where results are coming from and then optimize their media to achieve the best performance.  Conversion Logic is the first attribution solution built with the media practitioner in mind, distilling complex results into digestible insights through its user-friendly dashboards.

About Conversion Logic

Conversion Logic is the media industry’s most intuitive cross-channel attribution platform.  Built from the ground up by a team of attribution veterans, Conversion Logic’s SaaS platform is designed for CMOs, brand leads and media practitioners who need to make fast and accurate decisions in managing their multi-channel media campaigns around the world.  Conversion Logic’s media agnostic technology provides actionable insights in real-time rather than days or weeks, enabling clients to rapidly adapt to changing environments.  As an independent company, Conversion Logic is untethered from any media entity influence.  Conversion Logic investors include Rincon Venture Partners, Crosscut Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, TenOneTen, Founder Collective and Raptor Ventures. Conversion Logic is online at conversionlogic.com