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Highlights from the 451 Research report: trends, product analysis, SWOT, and more

By March 17, 2016 November 13th, 2019 No Comments

In December 2015, Scott Denne of 451 Research conducted an extensive, objective analysis of Conversion Logic. We gave Scott full access to our background, strategy, and products so that he could provide his expert opinion on our place in the market.

The resulting report, “Conversion Logic aims to outsmart previous attribution platforms with multiple models,” is now available. It provides a precise window into what makes Conversion Logic tick, as well as context and insight into the overall attribution industry.

Here are some highlights from the report.

Scott identifies 3 primary trends driving the growth of attribution solutions:

    • Increased focus on multi-channel marketing orchestrated around the customer
    • Emergence of more customer data and more integration points available for analysis
    • The shift away from last-click attribution

These trends have given rise to the attribution market. The report explores how the market began, and how it has evolved, including different types of data modeling used across various vendors. It then breaks down Conversion Logic’s strategy, including:

    • Analysis of the Ensemble Method
    • Speed of implementation, and why it matters
    • Organizational challenges to successful attribution

The report explains, “Rather than choosing a single model, Conversion Logic uses an ensemble model, which runs the data through multiple models and combines the results from each separate statistical model, with more or less weight given to each based on its validation against a previously validated sample. This enables marketers to use the models that fit their marketing environment, and even to bring their own attribution models into the platform.”

Finally, the report covers recent attribution and analytics acquisitions, including deal value and revenue, and provides a SWOT analysis of Conversion Logic’s offering:

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Denne’s analysis. Our unique data science approach is our biggest strength, and the opportunities are almost limitless in this, the “Year of Attribution.” While we are young, we are also nimble and motivated enough to take on the organizational changes necessary to make attribution a success.

Read the complete 451 Research report, “Conversion Logic aims to outsmart previous attribution platforms with multiple models,” here.