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The Conversion Logic marketing intelligence platform, XC Logic®, delivers machine learning powered marketing analytics for the enterprise.  XC Logic®, provides actionable attribution insights for performance and brand marketers with precise, timely optimization decisions. The data-driven CMO to the analyst and the media practitioner, rely on this intelligence layer to increase media efficiency, identify areas of scale and enhance customer targeting.

XC Logic® leverages innovative technology, groundbreaking data science, and machine learning models- Our proprietary and award-winning Ensemble Machine Learning Method, delivers accurate, predictive, timely results at the most granular level.

It is paramount that today’s attribution solutions are powered by machine learning models and deliver the flexibility, speed, automation, and scalability that the data demands. Machine learning models automatically go through hundreds of combinations to find the best fit for the data set, so marketers always receive the best possible analysis. A machine learning model serves up better insights and it does so significantly faster. All the computations, across those hundreds of models, occur in “relative” real time, dropping the time to results from months to hours. This is especially critical when your business or the environment is changing quickly.

Our highly intuitive user interface, optimization reports, simulation tools, and closedloop integration helps practitioners adjust campaigns quickly to drive improved ROI across all marketing channels; offline and online.

Download the brief to learn more about why our marketing intelligence platform and ensemble machine learning approach is best in class. Please feel free to request a demo or leave a note.