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Performance marketing

8 Takeaways from IDG Connect’s Unified Analytics for Modern Marketing Webinar

Last month, we released a comprehensive report along with IDG Connect analyzing how marketers are measuring performance. The report contains results from a survey we conducted of 250 marketing professionals, offering a real-world glimpse into what’s working and what’s not.
We also hosted a webinar with IDG Connect’s Bob Johnson to get additional insight and color into our findings. You can listen to the complete recording here, but here are some of the highlights.

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In Search of Conversions: 6 Ways Performance Marketing Is Like Football

A strange thought struck me as I watched the Super Bowl yesterday: football and attribution have a lot in common.
In both scenarios, a highly trained team of professionals executes a series of intricate plays in pursuit of a singular goal: conversions. When played well, football games and marketing campaigns connect to their respective audiences emotionally, and, more cynically, inspire them to open their wallets.

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