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Media Optimization

Netmarble measures TV attribution more accurately with Conversion Logic

TV remains notoriously hard for advertisers to accurately attribute value to online conversions, mobile downloads and other digital actions. It has been predominantly considered an upper funnel or brand awareness channel. Unlike digital channels, often there is no traceable journey to conversion. That means that one of the most expensive channels is also the toughest to measure and quantify ROI.

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TV Effectiveness Analysis is Incomplete Without Ad-stock Consideration

Your media team negotiated a great deal for prime time spots in major channels. But you are not a direct response marketer with a “1800 number, order now” call to action, nor can you just include it in your branding efforts with less stringent ROI expectations. It would be great to have numbers to share with the SEM team to demonstrate that TV is also responsible for the spike in search. Those numbers don’t exist within your BI tool, website analytics tool, marketing automation/analytics tool or within silo-ed channel performance tools. The question your left with is how do I create accountability for my TV spend, understand channel lift and TV’s short and longer term impact on my business?

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In Praise of the Media Planner: Why Attribution Tools Should Be Built for the People Who Actually Use Them

When marketing attribution hit the mainstream five years ago, it seemed like an answer to marketers’ prayers. Finally: a data-driven way to go beyond last-click models and truly give credit where credit is due across the cross-channel landscape. Attribution complements MMM (marketing mix modeling) with the power of big data and real-time analysis, providing insight into each touch of the conversion funnel in seconds instead of weeks. For direct response marketers, this is a slam dunk: in the post-800 number days, understanding purchase path to conversion is critical.

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