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Best Attribution Platform Awarded To Conversion Logic!

By August 23, 2016 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

Conversion Logic’s XC Logic® platform was selected the Best Marketing Analytics/Attribution Platform category for Digiday’s 2016 Signal Awards, largely due to the innovative work noted in Direct Marketer case study as follows.

Conversion Logic’s Marketing Intelligence Platform helped a leading direct marketer of consumer products, measure the performance of its marketing programs more efficiently and accurately across millions of consumers, seven channels, and multiple vendors. The brands’ existing efforts analyzed individual channels in isolation, but did not account for the halo effect that each channel had on the others – in short, the big picture. They needed a holistic view across channel and vendor performance in order to optimize and scale their cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Previous attempts lacked internal alignment and understanding of how to operationalize the insights. They offered analysis of individual channels, but could not provide a 360-degree view across vendors, channels, and technologies to drive the organization’s strategy.

The brand knew that they could gain marketing effectiveness across both vendors and channels. But evaluating these variables was difficult. Their business intelligence (BI) system tracked actual orders, while a different platform handled media and user mapping. With disparate systems and no way to measure the cross-channel effect, the organization did not have the insight necessary to optimize and scale their marketing efforts.

Results – The three pronged approach with our Optimization framework
The brand focused their marketing attribution strategy on 3 main KPIs: target cost per order (CPO), channel utilization, and vendor performance.

1. CPO analysis allowed them to:

– Improve affiliate program CPO by 47%
– Improve SEM program CPO by 46%, primarily via analysis of the scaling opportunities of branded and non-branded search terms

2. With channel utilization analysis, they identified introducers, influencers, and closers channels and tactics and reallocated resources accordingly to influence the customer journey to conversion.

3. Vendor performance was most impactful, clarifying with which vendors they should increase or reduce spend.

As a result of all 3 efforts, the brand increased overall advertising effectiveness by 20%.

We will share pictures from the Awards Gala soon. Stay tuned!

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