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Cross-channel measurement, attribution, and incrementality for better marketing decisions.

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How We Help Our Customers

Our customers achieve ROI increases of 30-50% on average with the XC Logic® Platform.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Discover media’s true contribution to business outcomes, such as sales or store traffic, using internal and external drivers. Determine what really drives impact across products and lines of business.

Digital Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

Gain deep, actionable insights from touchpoint and user level analysis across the customer journey. View and compare credit with both incremental and full credit attribution models.

Multi-touch Attribution for TV

Leverage household and impression level TV data for precise, granular television advertising performance results on conversions. Simulate and optimize in-flight campaigns.

Data Unification

Consolidate all sales & marketing data from disparate silos for consistent insights across the organization.

Unified Marketing Measurement

Leverage integrated MMM + MTA models to measure diverse marketing investments more accurately and consistently.

Plan, Simulate & Optimization

Gain both high-level and granular media performance insights, and make confident strategic and tactical budget adjustments for maximized results.

Recognized by Forrester Research as a Breakout Vendor in Marketing Measurement & Optimization Solutions

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The Conversion Logic Difference

Conversion Logic's digital marketing analytics platform leverages best-in-market technology and science to provide timely and actionable customized insights for performance and brand marketers.

Machine Learning

Highly accurate, predictive models capture complex human behaviors, analyze the incremental impact of customer journey touchpoints, and identify which marketing activities most influence results.

Identity Solution

Our identity solution creates a single view of the consumer and households across all ID’s, cookies, and devices, and is leveraged by LiveRamp, the leading identity service for real-time identity resolution.

Full Credit

Our full-credit measurement models assign highly accurate, fractional credit to each touchpoint’s contribution along the customer journey resulting in a complete-credit view of media performance.

Incrementality Measurement

Our incrementality measurement models surface touchpoint-level incremental marketing impact, giving visibility into who is more likely to be influenced by an ad versus those who are naturally inclined to convert.

Unbiased Results

Independent from any media and data company for objective results.

Seamless Integrations

Over 250+ automated integrations across the AdTech and MarTech landscapes to quickly unify each customer’s unique stack, resulting in faster time to insights.

Solutions for

Marketers are overwhelmed with options, channels, publishers, days, day parts, creative formats; the list is endless. Utilizing multiple channels also leads to a multitude of reports and metrics. Conversion Logic’s digital marketing analytics platform helps marketers understand what’s working.
  • A single source of truth for all your strategic and tactical marketing planning and budgeting
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface for effective reporting and in-flight optimization
  • Uncover ways to cut waste, scale and establish testing structures with support from an experienced team
  • Methodology that adapts to your organizations’ changing needs, be it seasonality effects, new geography or products
Media practitioners rely on a number of tools to help their clients be successful. They have to sift through massive amounts of data in multiple formats for reporting and to find meaningful insights. Conversion Logic’s XC Logic® Platform provides actionable insights to make in-flight optimization possible.
  • Cross-channel reports mapped to the most important business Key Performance Indicators of your clients
  • Channel dashboards providing tactical insights at the lowest level of granularity
  • Leverage impactful attribution insights to add value to client relationships and their transformation
  • Closed loop integration with your media buying programmatic platforms to automate optimization

After a detailed competitive assessment, we chose Conversion Logic because of their experience in the market, superior science, and close, collaborative working relationship. With Conversion Logic, we can go beyond last-click attribution to understand impact and lift across and between all of our advertising channels. They give us information that’s actionable, not just interesting.

Chief Revenue Officer - Major Direct-to-Consumer Window Treatment Company

What particularly impressed us about the Conversion Logic platform was the ability to quickly gain insight into the full impact of our digital spend. The Conversion Logic team understands the needs of the media community and has developed a smarter, more useable paradigm for doing attribution.

Senior Director, Marketing and Planning - Leading Direct-to-Consumer CPG Company

Conversion Logic has taken a different and smarter approach to attribution that focuses on serving up actionable results that allow us to optimize our media spend. I’m a big fan of their tech and their ability to deliver insights quickly to help us continue to stand out in the fast-moving mobile space.

Brand Strategy & Marketing - Supreme Mobile Game Developer

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